Insiders say that British royalty always pour the tea into their cups before the milk or cream.

According to some people, doing so is weird indeed, (which shows you how they pour their tea).

Apparently there’s a reason that I’d never have thought of in a million years. It’s a tradition that comes from being rich, if you can believe it.

Less expensive types of china might break when exposed to high heat, so milk has to be poured in before the tea to cool it off. But the upper crust, who can afford the more expensive china, can test its limits by pouring steaming hot tea straight in. Who knew?

I’d certainly like to be as rich as the queen, but I can’t say I’m jealous that she gets the “luxury” of pouring her tea first- it doesn’t really seem all that luxurious.

(thanks MissouriQuiltCo)
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