My husband and I owned a fishing resort for many years so, of course, I know how to cook fish. Crappies (my favorite.) And walleye. And, for those of you without access to fish from your own lake, tuna or salmon. As you may have guessed, I love fish. But this way of cooking fish from was new to me so I tried it. And now I’m a convert.

Now I steam my fish. The fillets are moist, flaky and it’s almost impossible to overcook them.

A steam oven works. Stovetop steamers work. Or — as I did — you can forget about gadgets and simply hack the system.

Place an oven-safe plate on a cooling rack in a pot with a lid (so the steam won’t escape). Add water and heat and you have a steamer. Use the plate instead of placing them directly on the rack because that way the fish will cook in its juice. And that’s always tastier.

It’ll take as long to cook fish this way as any other. Eight minutes or so for most fillets but adjust the time either way for thicker or thinner fillets.

And enjoy a fish dinner.


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