I’ve heard it said that scissors are double-edged, not just literally, but also because they can both create and destroy.

It’s easy to see how scissors are creative. We’re always churning out one project or another with our trusty shears by our side.

But, yes, scissors can be quite destructive. They are like knives in that way and are dangerous if used wrongly.

Think of all the relationships, marriages, and friendships that have been both created and destroyed when one party uses scissors to either create something wonderful. A quilt, a picture, a special card, a family treasure.

Or uses them to wreck something. Again, a quilt, a picture, a card, a family treasure.

People can also be double-edged. Make sure that, if you are like that, that you are doing good things. Not bad.

(thanks MissouriQuiltCo.com)
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