How many times have you thought in exasperation โ€œI only have two hands.โ€ Take heart, those of you who truly need more than those two hands because your time has come. T

The YouBionic company now makes a pair of two prosthetic hands that you operate with one hand, so with two prosthetics you could potentially be using four hands at the same time, two per arm! In theory, you could brush or comb your hair, feed the dog, pour cereal for your kidsโ€™ and frost that wedding cake you promised a friend and never got around to producing. But think hard before you place your order for those wonderful prosthetic hands because some things are better done with the care and attention that a pair of just two hands can give.

And, if that doesnโ€™t give you pause, remember that when we wish for something and then actually get it, we all too often change our wish to become a wish for more of the same because what we got just didnโ€™t seem like quite enough.

So consider — at what point would four hands not be enough and youโ€™d want eight? Or sixteen? And so on. Octopus, anyone?


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