When the kids were very little, they loved to swim but they absolutely hated to get water on their faces. Even at bathtime the phrase “I need a towel for my face!” was an endless refrain.

I used to tell them “Your face is waterproof!” but it didn’t do much to stop the whining. The whole thing made taking them swimming annoying, to say the least.

Then one time we were visiting my in-laws who lived near the beach. We took the kids out on a beautiful day to enjoy the sand and the water as best they could.

But something got into those kids, and that day when some of the grown ups in the group swam out to play in the rolling waves, the oldest kids decided to follow. An hour later, soaked from head to toe and smiling from ear to ear, they had finally overcome their fear. It seems that all it took was learning the joy of a wave smacking them right in the face!

Not everyone loves getting water in their face (waterproof though they may be) but who doesn’t love an afternoon by the seaside? Or at the lake? Or swimming off a boat when the fish aren’t biting?

(thanks MissouriQuiltCo.com)

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