Okay, the picture isn’t of Michelangelo’s snowman. But the following story is:

More than 500 years ago, Italy had an especially cold winter.

Michelangelo was a young man at the time, and his rich patron must have had a sense of humor because he commissioned the artist to make a sculpture out of snow for the courtyard.

Although we don’t know exactly what he made, it is recorded that it was “very beautiful.” (I’m guessing it wasn’t three big snowballs with coal eyes and a carrot nose!)

Whatever impressive icy masterpiece Michelangelo dreamed up, it was lost to the world in a matter of days at most.

There are lots of artists in the world, both young and old, who make wonderful snow sculptures and I love the snowman I see everywhere after a snowfall.

thanks MissouriQuiltCo

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