Our Story

Robert started Northwoods Food Factoy (NWFF) during that aimless period of life that follows graduating from college. Having been advised that he couldn’t make a living selling fudge, he took his great-grandmother’s recipe for the Christmas fudge that everyone loved and turned it into a business. Sometimes following your gut (no pun intended) is the right thing to do.

When his mother’s special recipe banana bread was added and fudge layered in it. NWFF is the only place on Earth (as far as we know) that sells fudge-filled banana bread.

The familiar NWFF booth is now not only recognized in venues in Minnestoa and adjoining states but is sought out.

And now NWFF sells online so anyone, anywhere can enjoy the sweet treats only the family knew until recently.

And, yes,it’s still a family business. Robert makes fudge, his mother makes banana bread, his grandmother processes everything and many other family members pitch in when things get busy. Which happens more and more often and we’re glad that it does!